and so it begins

Franklin Fiber is a project that has existed in my mind for over a year now, and I am excited to finally take my first steps. My deep passions for knitting, texture, and color have collided and the result is a line of kettle-dyed and self-striping yarns handmade by me, in the colors I dream of finding but never do. I aim for the aesthetic that defines me: quirky, modern, classic, earthy, youthful, urban-but-dreams-of-farming. Contradictory. Observant. Quiet. Always thinking.

photo (15)

Everywhere around me inspiration is jumping out, and I can’t take notes fast enough–that perfect French blue! That leaf against that bark! The light and shadows on a piece of tin foil! The sun on my old porcelain flower pot! I feel like Zeus when Athena sprang out from his head. Or maybe I feel like Athena? Or maybe I’m just inspired by ancient amphorae?

Here, some photos that are inspiring me today.






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