alpaca handspun

Since I still don’t have anything coming out of the dyepots to show you, I thought I’d give you a peek at my most recent handspun. I bought this 4-oz two-coloured roving from the lovely sisters at Arrow Acres Farm in Wall Township, NJ, the weekend after Thanksgiving last year (take that, Black Friday!) The fiber was shorn from Lily and from Bing–two alpaca I had the pleasure of meeting while I was there. It is such a pleasurable experience, working with the fiber from animals you’ve interacted with and seen enjoying life, and from the family of farmers who take care of their animals with pride and a sense of purpose. I try to spin only from such situations (though I do occasionally fall for the pretty colors on Etsy!), and it’s an ethic I would love to incorporate into my dying. Eventually, I hope to find a small fiber farm near me that would be interested in a dyeing partnership. But that might be putting the cart before the horse right now…

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Spinning.

photo (22)

I spun this long-draw, and it came out to a light fingering, 2-ply, 386 yards. I say “came out to” because I just let my fiber become what it wants to become–I really just let it fly out of my hands as it wants to.

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