More spinning to mark the days

Spinning is what I do when I’m not knitting. It’s what I do while I “watch the Internets” (what I call the Netflix movie viewing we do since we don’t have TV). It’s what I do when I’m sick of the city and wish I could live on a farm. It brings me closer to the earth than I would think possible, living as we do on the 19th floor of an apartment building in Center City Philadelphia.

walk arrow bfledit

Here’s some spinning I completed this week.

First up, some Gale’s Art Naked Blueface Swirl Top. This 4-oz undyed braid was soft and marbley, and I almost didn’t have the heart to spin it up. But I’m so glad I did. It drafted beautifully (I usually use long-draw, when I can) and I ended up with 246 yards of a soft, cushy, slightly-scratchy (in the best possible, wooly way) 2-ply Aran weight.


My husband and I already decided that it will be something for him. But I also kind of want it to be a cowl. And, for some completely unknown reason, men aren’t big cowl-wearers. We’ll see about that.

Next, the Arrow Acres Alpaca I showed the other day, with slightly improved pictures. I’ve not spun alpaca before, and I think I may want to run this through the wheel again to give it a bit more twist, but is feels so gorgeously drapey as-is, and I’m not sure if I want to jeopardize that. I think I’ll just make something that won’t see a lot of hard-wearing. The marled color would make a fantastic, lightweight shawl. As I already mentioned, it’s a 2-ply fingering, 386 yards from 4 oz (the two colors are from Lily and Bing.)


Last but not least, a mix of superwash BFL, superwash merino, and bamboo, hand-dyed by the very talented Cathrine Walk of Walk Collection. I love the pearlescence she achieves in her dying. My husband bought me this as a present, and I love the subtle colors; it reminds me of winter at the beach. I got 144 yards of a bulky 3-ply. I think I will have to design a simple, laid-back beachy hat just for this skein.


I’m working up some patterns, too. I’ll share those soon, once I have finished test-knitting and writing them up.


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