Monthly Archives: February 2014

made a bunny!

So, I know it’s been a while. I feel like trying to explain my absence and catch you up is what has kept me from posting–the sheer time and effort that would take–so I’m just going to continue as if nothing of that sort happened. One bit of information you might need to know: I am now self-employed, working with weavers, and living in Guatemala. Info that might come in handy later. ‘Kay?

Also, I only brought two half-finished sweater projects and two skeins of madelinetosh tosh sport with me here, and there are no yarn stores. I’ve gotten creative with my scraps.

Okay, now that we’re starting in media res, I made a bunny! I made other stuff, too, and these magical skeins of tosh sport never seem to run out. Like that pot of pasta in that Tomie dePaola book, but inedible. I had a wee little ball left over, and I know this adorable little girl down here who loves to play with everything, like including clothes hampers and trash and baby turkeys, so I thought she maybe could use a new toy. I couldn’t find one that I liked that used only a tiny amount of sport-weight yarn, though, so I decided to modify a worsted-weight pattern by knitting it on size 2’s. Behold, Gabi’s Bunny.

gabi's bunny

(I may have cannibalized a pillow for the stuffing. Shhh.)

The gauge on this thing was so tight, I couldn’t knit for days after and I think I got tennis elbow. But it was worth it for this face:


Immediately after this picture, she fell while running with a bowl of spaghetti, covering the bunny with tomato sauce. TGIS (Thank Goodness It’s Superwash).

The pattern is Henry’s Bunny by Sara Elizabeth Kellner–fiddly as heck, but highly recommended. Tosh Sport in Ink on US size 2 needles. Took about three hours total (with frequent breaks and stretches).