There can be no doubt but that many of the articles which follow in this work will appear to men who have devoted their lives to the arts and those sciences which are immediately connected with them, as trite and little worthy of notice. But what might seem to such persons as merely commonplace information may, perhaps, prove valuable to others, whose time many have been devoted to pursuits of a different nature.
–Thomas Green Fessenden, The Register of Arts, 1808

I’m an artist, knitter and consultant living between the northeastern US and central Guatemala. My passion for fiber arts grew out of my intense love of texture and color, and my desire for high-quality yarns in a classic-yet-youthful color palette has lead me to begin to grow my hand-dyed yarn business. My style is quirky and whimsical, but with an urban edge, and this the aesthetic I try to achieve through my knitwear patterns and color stories.

Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions!

franklinfiber [at] gmail [dot] com

franklinfiber on etsy

See my artisan partners’ Etsy shops, too!!

mayanweavers on etsy

diegoschocolate on etsy

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