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Even less information…

So, I have lots to talk about. Lots of goodies to share. But right now, it’s ten after midnight, I have to work tomorrow, and I have a warm fuzzy purring kitty laying on my chest…so it will have to wait a bit more. But I’ve stayed up this late to finish a new project, so I thought I’d celebrate by sharing a photo. Hopefully I’ll have this pattern (and a few others) up soon!


And a wee hint

The hat in those sneak-peek photos is finally done and correctly charted, and now awaits only photographing. But that means no more photos until I have my staff photographer* retained.

But I will give a wee hint as to what it is: a colorwork tam (as if you hadn’t deduced that already) inspired by the uninspiringly-named “Reservoir Bridge” at West 94th Street in Central Park–or, as it is more commonly known, the Gothic Bridge.

Run along to the link above and be inspired, too.

*A.K.A. my doting husband.

Another peek?

Okay, so this design has been taking up all of my free time. Well, my free crafty time. I’ve also had time to bake an apple crisp and make apple butter and maybe drink a bunch of wine while engaging in said appley-projects. But I’m still plugging away at this hat; I’ve tinked back so much my eyes well up just thinking about it, but as this is my first homemade charted colorwork design, I want it to be just perfect. So here is another peek at the progress–inside only, so as to not spoil the big reveal!


I’ve also got another pattern waiting for pictures–another freebie hat.  It’s finally dry (the yarn soaked up the Soak-y water like a sponge!), and now I’m just waiting for the weather to do the same so I can get some outdoor shots. (In case you couldn’t tell from the iPhone photos I’ve been posting now and again, even though our apartment is on the 19th floor, it faces north and gets practically no sunlight.)

A little peek


Burning the midnight oil trying to finish up my sample for this particular pattern. I can’t believe I have yet to upload a single pattern–I have two all written waiting in the wings. I just need to find someone to help me photograph them (who won’t flake out).

Soon! Soon, I promise! This shall not be a pointless blog!


missteps and apples

Had a few setbacks today. Nothing insurmountable, not even worth sharing (though I will mention that a trip to the post office to return an incorrect order involved slashing my hand on a tape dispenser and sheepishly asking the postal clerk behind the bullet-proof glass for a tissue while my hand became increasingly bloodier…)

Anyway, on days like today, certain songs make me feel better (along with lots of hydrogen peroxide):

Also sights like this:

photo by loveelamb

And like this:

photo (20)


and so it begins

Franklin Fiber is a project that has existed in my mind for over a year now, and I am excited to finally take my first steps. My deep passions for knitting, texture, and color have collided and the result is a line of kettle-dyed and self-striping yarns handmade by me, in the colors I dream of finding but never do. I aim for the aesthetic that defines me: quirky, modern, classic, earthy, youthful, urban-but-dreams-of-farming. Contradictory. Observant. Quiet. Always thinking.

photo (15)

Everywhere around me inspiration is jumping out, and I can’t take notes fast enough–that perfect French blue! That leaf against that bark! The light and shadows on a piece of tin foil! The sun on my old porcelain flower pot! I feel like Zeus when Athena sprang out from his head. Or maybe I feel like Athena? Or maybe I’m just inspired by ancient amphorae?

Here, some photos that are inspiring me today.